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nueva eps citas web It’s quite the best part of life to have a girlfriend like her. The brain with beauty kind of girls are rare to see right ! But it’s also a scarce thing to have a feeling for girl by a puzzled girl like me. I have been with her, hugged her, kissed her cheeks, spent many nights in pyjamas on her bed by just watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S., but this time it was different. Different in which way I’m still confused about it. But it’s rare! Strange for a girl like me who knows; she had a boyfriend and really had a great relationship also. But it’s quite hard to resist by seeing her caressing herself just by sliding her hairs beside her ear, smiling by watching the same sequence repeatedly with the equal energy. I don’t know what it is, but I wanna touch her lips, having a sensual feeling for the girl who is your BFF is really limited bro.
And this time I’m melting

for her like a boy who wanna seduce her. Just wanna date to have some hook-ups. She’s a subtle man, she is special. The dilemma I’m getting because I have doubts is it the right thing to do if she has never felt the same if she isn’t gonna allow me. But what if she’s interested in me and hesitating like me.
It’s the decision time bro
Mind: It will break your friendship!
Heart: The feelings are meant to be expressed at least.
Mind: Control yourself, you have a bf!
Heart: So what, it’s not a wrong thing, maybe you have feelings for both. just ask her.
Mind: …….
Heart: …….
I was numb like Elsa, and she is the one whom I love the most. Afraid to lose. Scared, what if she broke our friendship. It’s complicated.
But what if she desires a similar way like me.
Finally, asked with courage ” ARE WE LESBIANS? ”
She stared at me like I’m a serial killer. With little more courage I asked again, yes you heard it right I asked ” ARE WE LESBIANS, ARE WE? ” What do you think.

The first thing on her mind was how come I considered ” WE “, and in another moment her lips answered.
And after hearing the answer I got more turned on man.
The question, as well as the night, went really sexy dude.
This is how it is ” BRO! WE AREN’T LESBIAN; BUT YEAH! WE ARE BISEXUAL .” You got your bf that’s why I never said but I have the same desires for you baby, I also fantasized you when we used to see some sensual scenes together. But it’s quite a rare now.

And this turned out so well!
We’re still Bffs you know 😜

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