Dynamic love resulting in cogitation and extensive stress

More Bonuses Everyone has been in love once in his/her life. Right? You see love isn’t something that a living being can escape. It happens naturally. As sweet as it looks, love can put you in great difficulties. LOVE is normal, but when it changes to OVER LOVE, it becomes harmful. Many people don’t realize the depth of hurt this dynamic love can cause.
Back in days when one of my friends had fallen over in this trap of dynamic love, I couldn’t help her. I saw her deteriorating herself. Not only this love made her insecure about herself, but she even started doubting her partner. The love that I always wanted my friend to have was now turning into a daily-life-mellow drama for her. She couldn’t resist herself from thinking about all the ways her boyfriend could cheat her by. But we all know that’s what love does to you when overly done.

clases de baile gratis madrid Soon she skipped the trust part and hoped onto possessiveness. Do you see what this over love was doing to her? She even started hating me for being close to her partner. Now came the phase when even I became distant to her. She didn’t bother about me cause she was solely into her partner. She would fumble around her boyfriend. What she did in the name of love was that she distant herself and her partner from the real world out there.
But you see every person has his limits. Now was the time when her partner broke up with her. You can’t be in a relationship with a person who makes you anxious. My friend, who once was bubbly and all now had been drunk over the obsession of her partner. She even tried to self-harm. The love which once gave her butterflies now gave her pain. Soon after a week, she started having panic attacks. She took stress. Everything for her was obscured. This love, which had to be her escape from the world turned into something we can’t imagine.

Click This Link It took about two months for her to recover. For her to understand the pain, the love gives. Starting from scratch, she noticed it was overthinking, which led her into this. I couldn’t understand anything back then, but now when I think about it, it gives me chills.

The one lesson that I have learned from her story is that love is a beautiful feeling, but when it changes to the dynamic love, it can be as disheartening as it seems. Dynamic love can change our lives in ways one hasn’t imagined. They want to have someone and the need to be loved back is something that we lose in this herd of dynamic love. Many people generally misinterpret the whole concept of dynamic love as jealousy, but there is a small line differentiating the entire idea of dynamic love and jealousy. One tends to blur the difference between them. But we all know that as cute as jealousy seems, dynamic love is the worst. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved back, but in this love, let’s not forget all the other relationships that one has. Dynamic love needs to destroy other bonds. In this world where one tries to exceed all his/her limits, let’s remember that love isn’t something which would wait for you to improve your mistake. It would rather be like slap-in-the-face.

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