Emotional Intelligence

check out here What does emotional intelligence means? Is it important? Is it useful for us? There are a ton of questions about emotional intelligence. You see, we actually never come across all such things till we are a little bit of grown-up. Because back in childhood all that mattered was shinchan’s new episodes. Emotional intelligence is basically to be aware of your own emotions as well as others. When a person is emotionally intelligent he handles his relationships more safely. He understands his emotions as well as the significant others before taking any decision. Emotional intelligence isn’t really about our intelligence about facts or how fast our brain works in certain conditions or basically it is not about our IQ. Emotional intelligence is when a person takes the help of his emotions to judge something or to respond to something. An emotionally intelligent person isn’t really that spontaneous-as-hell kind of person. He is the think-before-doing one. The person who understands the importance of emotions and there big role in our lifestyles.

donna cerca uomo a pinerolo The big question comes how do we know that we are emotionally intelligent? Is it inbuilt? Or can we learn it? Here the things become pretty obscured. So here are 5 things that an emotionally intelligent person has -:
1) self-awareness – Tbh having self-awareness is the most important thing. If one is self-aware he or she knows all that can power him a can weaken him. He has control over his emotions and can manage public relations very fondly.
2) empathy – obviously if one doesn’t have empathy for others, no one really wishes to talk or share things with him. A person having empathy is a balanced person.
3) motivation – Basically motivation is the only thing that keeps people going on no matter how many hardships there are. An emotionally intelligent person isn’t only motivated but has the power to even motivate others.
4) self-regulation – Regulating our own emotions is the topmost priority of every individual. And an emotionally intelligent person knows how to do so. He knows when and how to behave.
5) social skills – In this 21st century what’s more important than having social skills? An emotionally intelligent person is filled with social skills. He manages to talk to people and get along with them.

try this Does the next big query come why this emotional intelligence is important? In this modern era when people aren’t really emotionally balanced how do they find their emotional intelligence? The one thing that makes it important is the fact that it makes us cooperate in large groups. Be it a workplace or at home. Nowadays there is much reason to fight but an emotionally intelligent person understands other’s emotions and tries to compromise. Not only this but it even makes us think about our decisions regarding work. Plus if a person is emotionally intelligent he can have anything. The employees under him work happily, which directly means more amount of loyalty and hard work. Emotional intelligence also works upon relationships. It makes them a happy one with greater understandability for each other.

What skills one should have? How can we achieve emotional intelligence? Does it require strength? So here are some pointers you can look upon to clear your doubts-:
Become motivated towards your work. Have motivation for any kind of work you have to do.
Grow over hatred. Hatred is one such common thing that everyone gets. Be it in the form of criticism or teasing. One should learn how to accept this hatred and work hard upon it.
Have empathy
Know about yourself. Know about your emotions, your reactions, your strength, your weakness. Become aware of yourself.
Stress upon your emotions. Try to understand them.

Obviously being emotionally intelligent is not like baking a cake. Ready in 10 mins!!! It’s more about developing your personality, knowing yourself, being a better version of yourself. You won’t be emotionally intelligent with a blink. But you need to stay focus towards it. Do you see rule number 1? Being motivated. Work hard upon yourself and you’ll see wonders you didn’t even expect.

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