Identity Identity

je contacte com alsace ‘She seems angry already’ whispering while getting inside the café, the guy walks towards the girl in the corner and whispers.
“Hi, it is not nice to be late on the first date” I know. But I do have an interesting reason for it”.
The girl replied, “you seem different from your profile, like a different person.”
The guy replies “Well I know, old pictures they are like four years older….and now I don’t post much accept memes and all’.
The girl replies “you do look healthy and fair to me in person……sorry no offence”.
The guy giggles and asks if they should order.
“So tell me? Why were you late after all it took you to like 30 minutes more?”
“Well locals are always congested and just today I realized how unsafe too…..while I was on my way I was dialling your number to make sure you have found the place, well suddenly someone from the crowd snatched my phone and tried to run away…”
The girl interrupts “wtf…who! How!”..
The guy replies “well I saw how he looked from back, tall same as me …a bit more healthy but not enough to pass the crowded train. So as the train stopped at the station he did try to escape but after a bit pulling and pushing I managed to get my phone”.
The girl with relief in her tone says “well imagine what he could have done with all the information, emails, numbers, chats and maybe our phones know more about us than our closest ones”.
The guy says smiling “well if he would have read our chats, he would have been another person trying to get on a date with you… are amazing and beautiful”.
“Just lavishing” getting eyes on the girl.
The two talk about all the stories they shared over chats, and how they are like.
They were re-enjoying the conversation the had on phone.
On their way to homes after the end of the date the girl sitting in the cab says “Hey, I want to confess something”.
“Yeah sure…” the guy responds quickly.
“When we started talking I realized we are quite similar, but in person today that realization became stronger, it’s good”.
They both wish each other goodbye greeting in the cab. While going through the stuff she finds a broken phone in her bag. “Damn this boy, careless…again lost his phone second time, but glad it’s with me this time”.
Suddenly the girl’s phone rang “Hello?”
“Hey sorry I missed the date today. I am calling you from my home, using the telephone. I know you must have waited, we planned so much but while I was coming to meet you my phone got stolen in the train. I went to the police station and now finally at home. I hope we can plan a new date! Can we?”

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