Insecurity kills love Insecurity kills love

site rencontre gay jeune He had been changed a lot. I know there’s so many ups and downs in everyone’ss relation. And everyone tries to fix their bugs. But this is too much to take. I mean how come a girl can forgive a person thousand of time for the same mistake.
Einstein used to say ” If you never did a mistake then you never tried a new thing “, but dude he never said to repeat the same mistake.
The Relationship has 3 main stages you know ( as per my vision ):-
1. When someone falls in love and be with them. It uses to be fun, you’ll forget every fucking flaw. And starts enjoying every moment with them. Want to share every gossip. 24/7 you’ll want them. You become needy and horribly sensual.
2. The stage when you’ll start finding mistakes and the loved ones starts annoying you. They start being over-possessive, they start expecting more. And the day is not so far when you’ll feel suffocating in the so-called perfect relationship.
3. And the last, not the least. It always occurs in everyone’s fishy and confusing life. The broken part. The separation. And what we knew as a break-up. It’s not an easy dude. But the day has to come someday.
In my fucking romantic life the day came so perfectly. I mean yeah when break-up actually happens, it has been decided much earlier than that so-called traumatic day. And yes I have decided it too, maybe months ago that it gonna happen.
But you know I don’t have regrets. Yeah you heard right, I gave him chances; he took this as he owns me. I forgave his mistakes but he did more of them shamelessly. The more I go down, the more I felt disgusted. The more I believed in him, the more I lost faith in me. He made me a puppet , but yes it’s not his fault. It’s mine ’cause I let him do so. He didn’t even realise that it’s hurting me. And I really pretended to be strong very well.
His insecurity gotcha increase more.
• You were busy with whom?
• You don’t miss me ( dude we can’t miss someone 24/7 – I mean we have our lives too )
• You don’t give me time anymore.
• Why do you talk to him, are you cheating on me? ( Dude as you have some girlfriends, we have some boyfriends )
• Don’t do that, do that one, don’t behave like this, behave ( REALLY, are you my paa ! Why do I have to live my life according to you )
• I did this why don’t you do the same for me ( yeah, the main reason he expect more )
Few carnal talks can also ruin your relation. Yeah, one’s you reached to the stage where you can talk shit together it has 2 conclusions:-
Logically either it’s gonna make your relationship more strong and enjoyable or gonna ruin everything.
And In my case, the second one happened ( glad about it ).
Btw he’s perfect, and yeah I’m the imperfection of his life. ‘Cause he was so good in every fucking thing. Rather you talk about mentally or physically he was damn good in both.
But the problem is I can’t adjust anymore. I fucking lost my temper. So I decided, decided to snatch my happiness back, to found a new version of me. It took a lot of time but I defeated my love, to win my happiness.
Surely I’ve broken again.
But the best thing is I’m happy again.

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