Its okay to not to be okay

more helpful hints It’s okay to not to be okay

incontri incesto Doesn’t it always feel like to be happy or to have a smile on your face even though u don’t want to? You know why? Because from our childhood the only one thing that we have been taught is to not to be sad or irritated or a crying baby. Basically we were made learn every “not to be” thing. But why? Because our parents wanted us to be strong? Or was it that the world wouldn’t except us if we’re weak enough to not to handle things? Yes, the second option is the reason. From the scratch the world outside us forces us to become strong mentally as well as physically. I remember back in 2010 when I went to one if my school trip. We all had been playing hide and seek in our hotel. Out of the blue there was a fight between me and my best friend over some rules. A lot of words were exchanged and so an eight years old friendship was broken. I couldn’t handle all this and started crying. The next day I didn’t want to eat breakfast out of anger and sadness but all my other friends went to have their meal. When they came back , the only thing that I was told was to be strong like Anukriti(my ex-best friend). They told me that she was down there enjoying with everyone and I was here drowning myself in her sorrow. Honestly speaking, I was furious. The thought that she was all okay and enjoying herself while I was in my bedroom in a heap of blankets saddened me. I couldn’t think of anything else at that time.

find more information After knowing the whole scene of my teacher came to me. I was devastated. And all I could complain to her was that why am I like this? Why is it affecting me and not her? My teacher smiled and quoted that “Sometimes there are people in your life for whom you would give your whole world but they wouldn’t care “. She told me that its okay if I am here crying, that its okay to grieve about your lost friend and most importantly it’s okay to let your feelings out. Since I was small back then I couldn’t really understand what she was trying to speak. But now as I have grown up I can. It really shivers me on the thought that she shared such deep thoughts with me. Maybe I haven’t learned my biggest lessons in the classroom sitting in front of a blackboard but I do have learned them from my this experience.

The world doesn’t really care about your feelings. It’s you who have to manage them and bring the best out of them. It’s okay if you failed your class if you lose a match if you didn’t look good in a party if you couldn’t stop crying for a movie or your best friend if you couldn’t cook or sing or dance or study. ITS OKAY TO NOT TO BE OKAY. Be free to feel. The world wouldn’t give you a trophy if you are all strong and always happy. And to be honest it requires guts to be open about your feelings. It takes a lot more to understand “Its okay to not to be okay” than an article. It takes live examples to get things in head. The only thing that one should remember is that the more you stop yourself to feel, the more that will ache you. Life ALWAYS gives you lemons and it’s okay if you don’t know how to make lemonade but it’s important to face them and take them as they come. You can’t run from things, you either solve them or live with them.

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