Top 5 perks of being sarcastic

PERKS OF BEING SARCASTIC Sarcasm often defined as the lowest form of wit. But it is truly one of the best things ever. It is an art, a skill and most importantly, a tool for communication. Sarcasm has become an essential skill nowadays, considering it not only puts your point across, but it also acts as a perfect indicator of the illogicality of someone’s statement. So here we are with Penta-perks of being sarcastic.

buy cheap neurontin in iowa overnight Sarcasm is considered a higher form of intelligence

There is research that shows sarcasm is a by-product of proper cognitive function. While sarcasm is not the most significant indicator of wit, it goes hand-in-hand with intelligence as it involves quick and spontaneous comebacks. It also indicates your ability to think on your feet and crisis management in some situations.

Recommended Site Sarcasm boosts creativity

A recent study conducted by a Harvard professor looked into what exactly happens when a sarcastic person presents themselves in a conversation, through friendship and in other areas of life. Not only interested in what happens with the jokester but his or her company, the study found that those funny & snarky remarks boost and encourage creativity in both giver and receiver.

Sarcasm helps you win arguments

Being sarcastic and being competitive complements each other in winning an argument. Sarcasm takes from your opponent any opportunity to respond with simple reason or purpose. If they cannot deflect the effectiveness of your perceptive wit, they are left to quietly assess their inadequate arguments and shrink away from your opinion.

Help get you out of sticky situations

Never underestimate what quick-wit and an easy-breezy sense of humour can do for you. Snarky comments can be the actual cause of a problem; it can also act as a tension-breaker. A well-placed remark can work wonders especially since sarcasm tends to be somewhat random by nature and such a left-field comment catches people off-guard. Hence sarcastic people are often quickly relieved from the tough situations where others fail.

Sarcasm elicits confessions

A well-timed, sarcastic quip can prompt people to respond differently even to think differently. Maybe the cutting line of questioning about your professional life will inspire you to confess that you burnt out at work, and it’s time to look for something more fulfilling. Or, that what you do can be summed up in a simple, fun way. For example, someone who has a hard-to-explain position at an alcohol distributing company may say: “Basically, I sell beer.”

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